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Happy Friyay!

The last day of the workweek otherwise known as Friyay! We all look forward to it because it's time to exhale; go out, get some great food, hang with friends, maybe drink a bit more- let loose (except maybe parents of young kids who have too many sports/activities on Sat! 😉). I get it! I'm the same way! Here's my Friyay challenge: go on an adventure every weekend. Big or small- doesn't matter. Just go do something different. Explore. It is so much freakin fun to do something different which in turn, nourishes the soul in ways that a simple "relaxing weekend doesn't. Yep, we're all busy blah, blah, blah. This won't feel like a chore once you're in it. It'll feel like a gift.

Show 'Em How It's Done!

Getting kids on board with nutrition starts at home. Period. If your kids don't see you do it- they won't feel it's important enough to do it themselves. Tru dat! Where kids lack intelligence, they make up in spades in intuition. They will intuitively follow you: their parent or thier guardian. This goes for exercise too! Make it a DAILY habit that they see you eat healthy and exercise daily and they will takes a long time to create that habit for you and for them. Now, go! create life-lasting change for the better for all of yours!

FIT TIPS aka: #awesomenesstoliveby

Hiya all! I'm going to go back to my old school days of writing little weekly tips that will remind, enlighten and/or teach you little blurbs (if you will) of incredibly valuable words to live by. This is the ONLY body you have: nurture it.

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Pilates Class

Hey all...a class is a really tough way to start ANY practice. Yes, it's affordable and yes, you can hang with your friends but! I am here to tell you that if you think that your teacher is some magical practitioner that can cure you in class in one've fallen off your unicorn. That said, I'll help you out with a few key pointers that will help you get started and get the most out of a class. Now, a class implies you are SHARING your time with at least a few others. This means you will NOT get personal attention. If you repeatedly attend the same class, the teacher will get to know you and you will begin to get more up close n personal with your new guru. ADVICE: find a teach


It's true. There's something called "Boomeritis"! It's when those born between '46-'64 get tendinitis, arthritis, fractures from being weekend warriors (playing sports on weekends). The "cure"? Adding stretching, yoga and Pilates to their lives. (Whoduthunk that when I chose Pilates over med school (much to my mom's dismay), that it would be here to stay?!) Gaining flexibility while gaining strength is intuitively intelligent. There isn't a reason this wouldn't work (yes, that's a double negative and yes, I could have simply said it in the positive - and lost the umph!). The reason it's still around is that while we try to ignore our intuition, it gets the best of us and we gravitate to


In the US, frailty leads to falling which is the number one cause of injury for people 65 and over. If that isn't a HUGE reason to start moving towards building some more muscle, I don't know what is! Here are a few reasons to get moving: 1)It boosts your metabolism: A pound of muscle burns twice as many calories as fat 2)It'll keep you young: resistance training can counteract the (potential) half of a pound of muscle mass lost every year. 3)It's a great way to burn fat: interval exercising requires the heart to pump more blood, quicker than traditional weight lifting alone