December 29, 2017

Remember, take baby steps so you can continue to move forward. 
Take your time thinking about what you've accomplished and take pride! 

Think about what your goals are for the upcoming year.  Don't forget to include fun goals!  

Happy Happy Everything to E...

December 28, 2017

Plain n simple. Just Don't.

How about this little fact: EIGHT PERCENT of all people keep their resolutions.  Whaaaa??!!?

Now, I'm not saying don't make deals with yourself to be and do better in whatever. I'm telling you to create/make little goals ALL YEAR that benefit...

December 27, 2017

Ok....I did not know that it would get SO cold!  Isn't Texas all desert and hot? 😂.   Anyway, no pond workout for me on this 37 degrees Wednesday...especially because I'm not feelin it.  Wed is kinda a blah workout day for me.  I guess I need to change my brain w that...

This isn't my typical Friyay post but we need to STOP and THINK and GIVE. 

Here are the facts for the average human
We gain: 1.9 lbs between Xmas and NYE 

We gain: 7 lbs between Thanksgiving and NYE

61% will shop on the 24th with only 12% done before Dec 12th. 

174 m...

December 20, 2017

Wednesday Work out at the Pond 

(I brought a blue band and my friend Crystal this time!😘)

-RUN 3 laps around stupid-cute pond!


-Row w squats (20), stay low and row (20) and stay low w reverse fly (20)

-Dips (20) wide push ups (20)



In the 25+ years teaching, never, ever, never have I heard someone say: "I super bummed that I just did that".  Unless that person walked around and preened or something else that wastes time...yet, he/she said he/she went to the gym...and we all know a person or two l...

December 19, 2017

I was looking for blog ideas a while back and came across Tapping.  WTH??  Yep, Tapping.  Like, using your fingertips to tap your face. 

I was watching videos where schools were implementing minutes a day of tapping to calm and focus children.  Whaaaaaa?!...

December 18, 2017

This is SUPPOSED to be the joyful season but we get SO stressed all around being and doing exactly what MUST happen for this all to be perfect...this is about your perfect.  Your wonderful.  

#yourperfect #nostress #happyholidays #breathe

December 15, 2017

I love Friday.  It's my busiest work day and I Iove, love, love teaching. LOVE!  As well, the kids are out of school for two whole days which means less nagging about school work, making lunches, and practicing their activities and more relaxing, fun, reading and playi...

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