Hola peoples!  Happy Tuesday Tip Day!
These items are CHEAP, NATURAL and can be bought off Amazon or @ your local market. Seriously not sure why we wouldn't all keep a stash.  Oh wait!  I do!  

UNFILTERED Apple Cider Vinegar: is loaded with raw enzymes...

I'm just getting over the flu and it f'ing sucks. Not a little sucky.  A LOT sucky. I rarely get sick....pneumonia 5 years ago was the last time (from ignoring a cold...not my wisest decision)!   I am here to tell you that even if you are a bad*ss-superhero-🦄  like me...

January 23, 2018

Seven (my lucky/fav number) foods that make you happy...why wouldn't you want to eat these, I ask you??? 

1. Chocolate: 1.4 ounces DAILY! reduces stress hormones. #BAM

2. Carbs: people on low carb diets (20-40  grams= 1 bread slice) are grumpy.  Well, duh they're hungry!...

It's a choice.

#BAM #yup 


Mama Karen neeeeds.....#weeeeeeeeeeekend   

 #friyay #weekend #yay #finally

I've been stumped...every Thursday. 

Along came Thursday and I was without purposeful writing...ugh.  I mean, I wasn't losing sleep over it or anything but, I'm also not good at dialing it in.  Then it came to me!  What if every Thursday I wrote about someone or so...

It's 19 degrees. Yup. No can go outside...mostly because I'm wondering if I'll fall on my keester running.  I still don't know this Austin weather thang so, I'm attempting so be wise (not usually my forte).  

I dragged my recumbent bike inside and rode fo...

January 16, 2018

First of all, I loathe the word "try".  
Why?  It's a weak word.  We don't really use it the way its intended. We tend to use it in the context of doing our best. 

If what we mean is "give it our best"? Well then, we must say what we mean! 


January 15, 2018

I'm reposting my own MondayMantra bc I'm endeavoring on not one, but TWO totally different business ventures all for the sake of sharing what I believe in and love.  I'm restarting and living WAY outside my comfort zone.  Sharing two different ways to wellness:...

January 12, 2018

Finally!  I feeeeel goooood! 

The holidays were nothing short of incredible; so loving, so lovely and SO MUCH DANG FUN! but holy smokes Batman, they were exhausting and I was left feeling a bit blue.

I am finally feeling human. Just now.  

There are ac...

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April 25, 2019

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