#TuesdayTips Day!  17 Cures from HONEY & CINNAMON. #plainnsimple 

Steve, our HVAC guy who was at our house "saving our lives", has lost 80 pounds!  He was telling me about his journey and dropped this little nugget: honey and cinnamon helped him lose weight. Wait,...


EDUCATE yourself people! 

We see others having success with something and we just hop on that bandwagon as if we're identical twins!  As if??!  

...Clearly, I'm a wee-bit emotional on this subject.  

This is YOUR life and your success depends o...

Good Thursday! 

This week has been a struggle to keep my inside voice in. 

REPEATEDLY I hear people "should", "wish", "want to..." etc.
HUH?  Like, really?  Do you hear yourself people?

My #oneminutewellness is about: getting started. 

Without using my nomal go-t...

It’s Tuesdaytips day!

It’s summer time which also means  all summer good n bad happens. Cuts, bruises, green hair from pools, swimmers ear etc etc...

-APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: calms your system.  eczema, psoriasis, rashes, sunburns, UT...

It's that time again! 
PART 3: CARBS.  First two of the macronutrients were: Protein and Fats (last 2 wellness blogs)

People think that if they cut out mean-bad-carbs they'll be all skinny. NOPE!  You'll just be tired, ornery, feel light-headed and feel/act "stupid".  O...

July 12, 2018

Shall we call this #triceptuesday ??

What are triceps you ask? Ya know, the turkey wattle on the back of the arm?

You know why it’s there?

Bc the ONLY  time it works is when you extend (straight ed) your Arms.

This is a consistent mantra for me lately as everything is new for me. No joke. Everything.  Which is completely exhilarating yet, scary! 

I then followed it up with my previously discussed: "what's the worst thing that could happen?" 

Life is ju...

This week's #oneminutewellness is the #second of 3 parts; This week is FATS and the next is CARBS.

Why?  There's a TON of misinformation, or wrong, and/or too much that it's overwhelming.


What is FAT? (also called Lipids) 

3 of them: 

-->saturated: found mai...

ITS FAT DAY! Music to your ears eh?  Well, this is really just a teaser for #wellnesswednesday / #oneminutewellness

Stock several of these healthy fats in your fridge or pantry:

  • lard, tallow, duck fat, and other animal fat

  • butter

  • coconut oil

  • olive oil


The time is now.  

You must plan...without a plan, you will definitely fail. 

A plan can be as simple as an #intention or as detailed as a #visionboard.  

A few things happen when one sets intentions. Whether you choose to believe in the @secret or not (I do bc...

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April 25, 2019

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