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It's true. There's something called "Boomeritis"! It's when those born between '46-'64 get tendinitis, arthritis, fractures from being weekend warriors (playing sports on weekends). The "cure"? Adding stretching, yoga and Pilates to their lives. (Whoduthunk that when I chose Pilates over med school (much to my mom's dismay), that it would be here to stay?!) Gaining flexibility while gaining strength is intuitively intelligent. There isn't a reason this wouldn't work (yes, that's a double negative and yes, I could have simply said it in the positive - and lost the umph!). The reason it's still around is that while we try to ignore our intuition, it gets the best of us and we gravitate towards this concept. A more beautiful body (and perkier tush) just happens to be a assest of choosing this proper way of exercising. :) I think back,20+ yrs (in and of itself a feat!) , when my momma repeatedly asked when I was going to go back to school and I repeatedly defended my decision by telling her that Pilates was going be around for a long time and it was the right thing to do. Can u imagine?! My mom probably cried herself to sleep wondering why she helped me thru UCLA only to get a ridiculous answer like that. Well....ahem...I'm grateful I was "right". Partially, so my mom wasn't and partially bc EVERYONE needs to understand that Pilates et al. are simply a way to keep us all doing what we love doing PROPERLY: playing, walking, sitting, working, exercising - living and loving.

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