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Wednesday Workout: Do 3 More

Staying with my "more" theme...

Workouts are just that: workouts.

YOUR workout needs to be specifically for YOU. Why? All bodies are not created the same. Uh...seems pretty obvious right? Well then, why would you do a workout that wasn't created or tailored for you? I will never have the body of Elle MacPherson or Gigi Hadid (No, seriously, I won't..I'm 5'3" on a tall day). Why would I think that their workouts would work the same way for me? time (or now): look at this or any workout (online, at the gym etc) read or observe and figure out how to make it your own and do MORE.

Add a few repetitions, add a rubber band for resistance, add a small (yet really effective!) jump, etc.,

If you need help: ping me and I'll help!

Have fun!

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