Statistically Speaking...Give. NOW.

This isn't my typical Friyay post but we need to STOP and THINK and GIVE.

NOW. Here are the facts for the average human We gain: 1.9 lbs between Xmas and NYE

We gain: 7 lbs between Thanksgiving and NYE

61% will shop on the 24th with only 12% done before Dec 12th.

174 million shopped cyber-weekend.

...We could save the planet from starvation and related illnesses with HALF the amount of money we spend and on the food that we consume.

And one last BIGGIE: We could feed a 1/3 of the planet with the food we waste!

Please, give: time, energy AND money.

Most of us have a bit extra to give.

It's easy to find ways without giving money: -donate time and energy to senior homes

-go to your person or animal shelter with blankets and clothing

-donate your pantry

If you have a little cha-ching to give, use your handy computer and research sites: