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Workout Wednesday

Ok....I did not know that it would get SO cold! Isn't Texas all desert and hot? 😂. Anyway, no pond workout for me on this 37 degrees Wednesday...especially because I'm not feelin it. Wed is kinda a blah workout day for me. I guess I need to change my brain w that eh?

Here's my advice: do something! Anything is better than sitting on your butt thinking that you "should".

40-50 minutes of cardio is my sweet spot. I'm less of a bitch; less anxious, less moody, feel like a well-run machine.

Today: 20 min on stepper, 20 min on recumbent bike 10 jump roping. Voila! happy hormones!

30 minutes: TRX full-body-integrated, reformer legs in straps (#aaahhh), abs and stretch.


I choose 3 of each bc everyone has time for three! Besides, the human brain can't easily remember three of anything.

-three kinds of squats: sumo, lo-chair and jump (20 each).

-three kinds of push ups: wide, tricep and triangle (15-20 each. Yes, really).

-three planks: front, sides and sides w/twists. (One minute for front, 30 seconds for both on each side- stationary side and side w/twist equals one min on each side).

DONE! Everything is worked!

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