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Life. Me.

Boy oh boy folks, this life thang!

It has been a time...for self reflection, growth and some discomfort (to say the least!) Woof.

I'm not sure why and now?

Maybe it's because we recently moved and I'm finding fill in the blank

Who the heck knows...but it's happening.

I'm not stressin about it either which is TOTALLY unlike me. I'm just dealing with it as it happens...also not like me.

I tend to take life by the horns.

So, how does someone like me allow and embrace change?

Running more, found a therapist, eating well, drinking good wine, and making time for girlfriends. Obviously, my man and kids are part of this but it's so easy to let the "me" stuff go in efforts to be the superhero-badass-mama-unicorn that I think I am.

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