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We hosted an event this weekend. It was sublime! Yep! For work. But, more for #community ♥️ Amber Hart from @thenaturalhart , Jeanette Bledsoe from @etceteraNYC and myself of @pilates.evolved & @vasayo thought it would be fun to invite our peoples and show them our favorite items. We curated what we thought/felt women would want from alllll of the things that we love! Was it to promote our respective businesses? Totally. Was it to SHARE? YES!!! I did this when I owned @Harmony_Studios and it’s an amazing COMMUNITY builder too. A chillaxing place to sip, shop, chat and support people you like & respect. Plain n simple. Kinda #kumbaya right? It was. 🙏♥️ It is pretty much THE biggest thing that I miss most from having my Harmony. I miss the lovely, little world of incredible humans who rallied for each other. I’m finding it here, but it takes time. Our event was beyond my expectations! You know why? At our event, we chatted about: migraines, periods, work, gluten, oil of oregano, milk thistle, organic lube and cooch quench 😳, relationships, cheese, flowers, clothing, dogs, men, social media, furniture….and my list goes on. We learned TONS! It was women coming together to help each other. AND: NONE OF THESE TOPICS WERE WHAT WE WERE SELLING…. I can honestly tell you that NOT ONE person felt pressed to purchase. You know why? Because it wasn’t a “hard sell”. We don’t need to. We LOVE what we do and it shows. We have researched the shit out of our respective businesses which also shows! When they asked, we talked. If not, we sipped and chatted about stuff. Girl stuff. Sometimes we just NEEEED girl time. SO! In your future, please know that BUILDING A BUSINESS, IS BUILDING A COMMUNITY. Your TRIBE; your people who get you, support you, hold you up when you’re down and tell it to you straight when you ask. 👊🙏 BTW, What do you think social media is ALL about? Virtual relationships; love and support from your tribe. ❤️ I want to thank everyone who showed up for us and for each other. It was a magical weekend!!! …now I need to detox PS. 10% of the proceeds go to: #sharingiscaring #entrepreneurlife #momlife #girlstuff

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