COVID has been exceptionally good for my little business. #grateful

While it's been a total sh*tshow for everything else, I've been blessed with incredible clients, many who've been with me since March. They've told their friends who've told their friends and well, here we are 11 months later, online with 13 classes, multiple privates & duets with clients from all over the world. Literally!

So...thank you COVID19!


It's now my turn to give back with: "A Year Of Giving"

Every other month on the last Saturday, I will partner with a charity; I will host an online HIIT class for up to 20 people who will donate and take my class or simply give to the charity. I will match it up to 1000.00!

I would like to think of these fundraisers as "Giving Trees": You may donate to do the class, you may donate in Honor or in Memory of, or for a special occasion!

In Judaism, we call donating: a "mitzvah". We often donate appreciating "life" which is the number 18. We often give in multiples of 18 (18, 36, get the point).

I just love the symbolism of "life" when donating! I thought I would share that with you!


TO KEEP THIS SIMPLE: My first class will be Jan 30th @10am CST. You need only Venmo your donation to me @Karen-SchwalbeJones. If applicable, use "memo" to state for whom you are staying strong! If you don't have venmo, let me know and we will figure something else out.

I will post total raised and all donors in my next newsletter, on my site and on my social media. I am happy to send them a little note too! If you prefer to stay anonymous, let me know!


January is the 11th annual National Human Trafficking Awareness & Prevention Month. 


I've decided that it's only fitting that my first month's fundraiser benefits:

The Refuge for DMST™ (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking)


The Refuge has a very specific mission: To provide trauma-informed, long-term restoration community with on-site services for girls, minors through age 19, who have been exploited through sex trafficking.


WHY? I simply couldn't un-know this exists once I learned about it.

Read this link: Their Story


I've personally worked with people who work there raising money, donating myself, and now, with this class!

Please! Join me Jan 30th OR donate (via me) and support the The Refuge.

They are aware of this event and can provide info for tax deduction if you need.


I want to THANK each and every one of you for your support especially! during this past year. You've shown up when I needed it and in return, I've done my very best to provide you with a solid, wellness community and foundation.

It's been nothing short of remarkable and truly one of life's biggest gifts.

Wishing you all a year of love and health!

Grins, KSJ