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Benjamin Franklin said: "Time Is Money" with the explanation that your time is worth money. However, studies show that people who give their time for FREE or give more of themselves for FREE have fuller lives and actually FEEL like they have more time to give! #micdrop 🙏

Moral of the story: if you want more time and happiness: GIVE.

Which leads me to our (my?) next conversation:

A Year Of Giving!

I began this year with a goal of fundraising every other month for different, less visible, yet equally deserving foundations. Admittedly, I fell off the proverbial wagon.

Life stuff wore me down...and I guess I lost my way to giving at a time when I probably needed it most! #lifeslessons

I'M BAAAACK and IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH (yes, it's a thing!)!


For my bday month I decided to give y'all more; I asked one of my loves to join me to bring you more amazingness for Regarding Cancer


Kate McDonald of fHIIT Colorado and I will cohost TWO online fHIIT classes for people who donate! My class: fHIIT and her class a Fascia rolling class. Kate teaches The FASCIANATION METHOD of Self Myofascial Release which teaches people how to stimulate and hydrate dry, brittle fascia from the bottom of the feet to the base of the skull. Doing this will increases circulation, mobility, lymphatic drainage, digestion and elimination, decreases pain, inflammation, and so much more!  This whole body approach helps balance the body front to back, top to bottom, left to right and inside out. You NEED this!


For those who donate:

-$10-$100: choose one!

-$100.00 or more: You get both!

I/Pilates.Evolved. will match your donation up to 1000.00!

I would like to think of these fundraisers as "Giving Trees": You may donate to do the class, you may donate in Honor or in Memory of, or for a special occasion.

Regarding Cancer is a nonprofit that helps survivors and their caregivers regain a sense of control, reduce feelings of isolation, and restore hope.

Everyone has been touched by cancer. Everyone.

I am sure during this time, we all could use an educated, sympathetic ear.

This month's fundraiser will go directly to this lovely non-profit.



My next fundraiser class will be July 31st @10:15amCST and Kate's will be Aug 7th @ 10am MST benefitting Regarding Cancer

You need only to Venmo your donation to me @Karen-SchwalbeJones OR Regarding Cancer directly. If applicable, use "memo" to state for whom you are staying strong!

If you don't have venmo, let me know and we will figure something else out.



(if you should want to participate)


Thank you for being a part of this gift!

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