Don’t Take Just my Word For it

“More than a personal trainer, pilates instructor, or a nutritionist, more than a life coach or a therapist or a friend, Karen Schwalbe Jones exemplifies a true athlete and a magnificent human being! She is someone that I would recommend highly to anyone who cares about being fit and healthy. Karen has a deep understanding of the human body both inside and out that puts her at the top of her game. I consider myself lucky to have had the privilege of training with her and will miss her greatly! 



Orly Marley

“I worked with Karen Schwalbe Jones as my one on one personal Pilates instructor in Los Angeles since 2013
It was my experience that Karen's training technique was like being attended and cared for by the finest medical specialist . Meaning, that not only was Karen very kind, personable and caring and took extreme interest in me as a client, but Karen possesses the ability to combine all of these talents that enabled me to not only reach and achieve my goals, but surpass them!!.
I had some very personal physical issues and Karen was the only person that I found that could help me through the process. During my time with her I was able to develop incredible core strength, flexibility, lose weight, develop much better posture and being lean, tone and strong . I always look forward to my workouts with Karen, both for the physical well-being and the great focus of the workouts .
I truly could not have accomplished to healing and growth and goals without Karen's "magic touch".
I will miss her greatly knowing she will no longer be my instructor in Los Angeles.


Phil Miller

Let me just start with; Our loss (Los Angeles’) is your gain (Austin’s)!

Karen is by far and away the best Pilates instructor I’ve ever had. Her attention to detail and how personalized each workout is for the specific client is unparalleled. I’m a cheater and she let’s me get away with NOTHING!  Quite an accomplishment in and of itself!  From the get-go you can tell she’s special in that she loves to figure out how your individual body works and it’s peculiarities. You will not find a better teacher out there, we are going to miss her tremendously!”


Tobey Cotsen