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My Favorite People, Places and Things!

Through trial and error, I've amassed whom I believe are the best peoples and I want you to know them too!

There is NO better way to build a business than through referrals. 

Beauty/Skin Care (ORGANIC): Elle Albert:

Botox n Stuff (lasers, regenerative med) Julie Bennet  RNP@ Skin Bar: 512.826.0903:

Chiropractor (and I haven't ever liked any chiro before him!):

Jon Eberly:

Cosmetic Tattoo/Permanent Make up (yes, it's a thing!): Jette Lea: 512. 829.8825.


Dentist: Skyridge Dental: 512.402.9090

DNA Testing for Nutrition and Fitness: Kati Epps:

Family Doctor: Dr Hill Family 512.428.5764


Financial Guru: 

-Texas: Rusty Whittaker:

Gardener:  Tobias Flores:


Graphic Designer/Special Effects Supervisor:  Kory Jones:


Gyno (Nurse Practitioner): Ginger Bane @ Dr Jukes: 512-862-1669.


Handymen...seriously THE best and sweetest: 

-Austin: Robert Elliot: 512.500.4114 (he's crazy busy and worth the wait)

-Los Angeles: Julio: 818.454.3290

Interior Design:

-Texas AND California: Kimberly Rider:

Jewelry (amazing gifts!:

-Austin: MK Rowins: Sweetwater Designs:  512.810.0640  

-Los Angeles: Claude Morady:


Jerky AND Bed N Breakfast!? YUM!

Keepsake Jewelry by Talla:


Massage Therapist/Body Worker: Eric Mendelman: 512.757.6006


Nails: PKNail Spa: 512.263.9408


Pilates Teacher/Posture Police: Me, of course! 323.422.6586


Pilates Studio for Group Reformer Classes:

-Austin: Pilates 360: 512.732.2002.

-Los Angeles: Mind & Motion:

Pool Company: John @ ASP: 307.630.4237.

Skin Care (specializes in damaged & acne skin care):

Travel Agency: Kelly Corbin @

Trust & Estate Lawyer:

Texas: Charlotte Shivers Johnson:

Calif and NY: Katherine Southard:


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