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Friday Luv

What’s your word? It takes so little energy to be #kind 🙏 On this lovely #friday take the a moment to: #reflect #ponder #think about who you are and what #footprint you want to leave with others during this day and walking forward. ♥️ HAPPIEST OF FRIDAYS Y’ALL!! 🙏: FOLLOW, ♥️💬 and SHARE Help my social media grow big n strong like me!💪 🔻🔻🔻🔻 ✨ ✨pilates.evolved ✨Karen Schwalbe-Jones . MY #losolivos RETREAT INFO! @retreatsmadesimple & . #everydamnday #oneminutewellness

Wellness Wednesday : PROTEIN

This week's #oneminutewellness is the #first of 3 parts; PROTEIN (next week is FATS and the following is CARBS) Why? There's a TON of misinformation, or wrong, and/or too much that it's overwhelming. #keepinitsimple Your body, after water, is largely made up of (you guessed it!) PROTEIN! ✨Protein is used by the body to build, repair and maintain muscle tissue. ✨Protein consists of 20 Amino Acids (not 22 like I said in the video. erg); NINE are essential (your bod makes all by itself!) and 11 that you MUST give to it: EAT!!!! ✨HOW MUCH? 1.5 grams(ish) per lb of body weight. for those who workout...EVERYONE! ✨HOW OFTEN? 3-4 hours. Evenly distributed in those 5-6 daily meals. ✨AFTER WORKOUT OR

#MondayMantra: Make Every Day Count

Hey y’all! LET’S (finally!) DO THIS RETREAT! Thank you for your patience and concern. 🙏 My surgery will be behind me and I’ll be much more focused.👊 It’s an incredible time of year in #losolivos !! DATES: OCT 4-7. The air is brisk, the sunrises and sunsets divine and fireflies are out n about! ->We'll have THREE workouts DAILY: hike, pilates, stretch! ->We will eat farm-fresh foods and drink some incredible wines. If you don’t drink, aok! It’s a stunning setting! Oh yes, and the hotel is beyond! Tell your friends, make it a girls, couples, or mother-daughter trip! It’s such a gorgeous area and again, THE BEST time of year! . Space is truly limited! BE AN EARLY BIRD AND $AVE! . Sign up NOW:

Mondaymantra: Every. Damn. Day

#mondaymantra 👊Every. Damn. Day.🦄 This is actually one of my favorites! Why? BC I don’t always wake up excited to work out or work! That being said, there’s never been a day that I didn’t love working out or teaching! Honest! 🙏 This is the only body & life that we have peoples! -> Why wouldn’t you want to take care of all of it? -> Why wouldn’t you want to learn about it? I’ll tell you a #secret - I was an overfat person thru my teens into college then my dad had a few heart attacks so I began educating myself to help him get and stay healthy (didn’t work bc he’s like most people: he wanted a quick fix. He’s no longer around.) Stop relying on diets/external forces to make it happen fo

Thoughtful Thursday

#thoughtfulthursday For more life stuff, wellness stuff and overall fun stuff! 👊🦄 FOLLOW, ❤️, 💬 AND SHARE! 🔻 🔻 🔻 FB: Karen Schwalbe-Jones . . . #wisdom #experience #education #value #entrepreneur #parenting #learning #success #everything #worthit #life #love #coach #teach #alwaysastudent #school #thisisyourlife #ilovepilates #pilatesteacher #lifeteacher #wellness

#MondayMantra: Listen to Your Mama!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: PART III: Walking Posture ...yes, I know you’ve been doing this walking thing for quite a while. Yes, I know you’re smart n all that! HOWEVER! I’m here to give it to you #straightup 😘👊 Chances are: you’ve got it wrong. We’ll be chatting about this more this week! #staytuned ⭐️FOLLOW, SHARE, COMMENT, and show the ❤️ (pretty please!?)


#givingtuesday I love this! I like #tuesdaytip but now that I have #wellnesswednesday I don’t need that...keepin up with this? 😘 Anyway, I saw this @teryldesigns and stole it! I know it’s called #reposting but stealing out in the open sounds more fun! 😇 SOOOO: give peoples! #DONATE #GIVE Every dang day. A little goes a long way. Give: happiness, manners, money, groceries, love, hugs, pay it forward (one of my favs!!), just #doit 👊♥️ TODAY:: wake up and decide that you’ll be your own charitable organization and GIVE. You’ll feel and become so much richer than ever imaginable! **** DM: yassss! FB: Karen Schwalbe-Jones IG: Pilates.evolved . . . . #👊 #love #onelove #oneworld #hug

First Friday Fun!! ✨

THANKGOOOOOODNESSSSS!!! It’s #friyay !!! Kids out of school ✅ Which means: 630am runs not 530 👊✅ #routine - no more!! Pool warm✅ TRUTH: I am a routine lover and needer (it is totally a word!👍)! But I am sick of squeezing in my runs. Yep, totally about me right now. So what?! Sometimes us #mamas and #parents need to own it: it’s not allllwaysssss going to be about the cherubs whom we think about 24/7!! SO! Enjoy your summer if it’s started likes ours has! If it hasn’t, you’re almost there! Hang tight! 🍾 I’ll sip a drink today, by the pool (sun clothes on of course!), and cheer us all to the first Friday-No-School-Summer Day ....and just so you know: In about 5 weeks, I’ll be cursing