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THURSDAY #oneminutewellness

More about GOALS!🤸‍♀️🧘‍♀️ Goals are pretty much everything bc without them there’s very little focus and even less adherence to the task👊 You need to be: -realistic -practical -make allowances for life crap (you know you’ll make some excuse for something!) -think of it as a FOREVER -goal (as opposed to quick-fix. Like a diet. #ahem ) -get DETAILED and plan; write/type. Oh! and plan on adding to the list as you think of more. -place said list where you can see it. Like...on your fridge.😳 . 📌3% of the American population works out more than 3 times per week 📌7% adheres to 3 times per week regularly 📌20.6% people met recommended amount: 2.5 hours per WEEK. Or 1.25 vigorous (ie


When I was younger, my work was simpler. I did my best and it happened! Poof! Clearly, this was a long time ago! Ha! Now, with social media what it is and the myriad avenues by which to not only gain clients and income, it’s much more intense! It’s also more exciting! My best has many more facets! However, one can lose sight of what’s real, what’s important, and what will actually bring in material wealth/success. It’s so easy to get lost in it all and superficially compare yourself to others; looks, followers and/or what they say. One’s spirituality may therefore, get dimmed in this search for material wealth. This journey REQUIRES this spirituality tho!! We need a deep reservoir of s


#workoutwednesday 🧐 Your workout/fitness goals MUST be yours. Listen, I’ve been in this world forever. I’ve watched teachers inflict their own goals upon clients. They want so badly for their client to look or feel a certain way! I’ve watched and listened to clients do workouts they HATE or dread bc their friends look or feel a certain way!! It’s kinda crazy, right?!!? HERES WHAT YOU DO: ▶️ Think. Don’t do a single thing. Sit on the thoughts: 💭 ...What are your specific goals? Write it out! Yes, really. Let’s say this one is: bigger butt. #wheninrome ...everyone seems to want a bootie these vlog! ▶️ CHOOSE and RESEARCH How does one build up a bootie? Look at the prof athlete


My sister @skinmaven sent this to me. I had called her for a pep talk bc I was struggling and well, turns out she knows and feels a thing-or-two. ❤️ I had expectations of what was supposed to happen and just couldn’t see nor appreciate the present and allow things to happen. It’s like I was silently fighting myself! I was also feeling sad bc I was away from my beautiful life in Austin only to feel uncomfortable in LA (irony, I get it). I am loving my work here and seeing these incredible people! I love where my new work & brand is taking me! However, I am not at all comfortable without my peoples, my set schedule, and my normal routine #socialintrovert Me thinks this is what that “growth”


#WednesdayWorkout Good morning y’all! I’ve begun doing side-by-side workouts to show that what is possible on a reformer may also be possible on the floor, with suspension-based straps, with stability balls etc. Just bc you may not have the full set up, doesn’t exclude you from creating truly spectacular workouts. 👊 Unfortunately, you'll have to go to my social media to see them as this blog site doesn't allow videos. Maybe it does and I'm not paying for it? IN any event: it's not here. GO TO: Instagram: pilates.evolved and/or FB: ksjpilatesevolved. This little PLANK series is one of my go-to’s when I’m in a rush. . Things to think about: ✨Keep shoulders d


HEY Y’ALL! It’s #tuesdaytips day! Recently, I’ve been asked, have read and others are talking about ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES. It’s a big topic and not to be overlooked! #goodstuff 🙏 Here’s a small list of NOT-TO-MISS, ALL NATURALS: -Turmeric: -Reduce body swelling -Curcumin- works beautifully with Turmeric -Ginger: Reduce stomach upset, headaches and infections -Cinnamon: Decrease swelling -Cayenne: (chili peppers too!) Ditto… #hellosriracha 🔥 -Black Pepper: Anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory -Clove: Has been used as expectorant, treat stomach upset & nausea and inflammation of the mouth and throat. Yummy smelling too! #happyholidays🎄 ✨ BTW: I use smaller amounts of


ONE MINUTE WELLNESS: POSTURE (again!) I know I kind of proselytize posture (#posturepolice)! BC it is THAAAAT important.👊 ✨Good posture is about more than standing up straight so you can look your best. It is an important part of your long-term health. Making sure that you hold your body the right way, whether you are moving or still, can prevent pain, injuries, and other health problems. ✨What is posture? Posture is how you hold your body. There are two types and It is important to have both good dynamic and static posture. ➡️Dynamic posture is how you hold yourself when you are moving, like when you are walking, running, or bending over to pick up something. ➡️Static posture is how y


#oneminutewellness #wellnesswednesday And #lastbutnotleast : #repost 😘 . I’m not sure why but this week alone, I’ve repeatedly, re-sent a little video that I made about 6 months ago (note: long hair bun thingy). It’s a video that I did for a friend bc she wanted a short, doable, daily routine. THIS IS THAT. TO SEE THE VIDEO GO TO: my IG @ pilatesevolved or FB @ ksjpilatesevolved (wix doesn't do videos...whatever. ;) . It’ll take about 2️⃣ minutes. It’ll help tone your abs, strengthen your core (which BTW: is your neck to tail...not just abs like most think), and help your back! 👊👍🙏 WHAT YOU NEED (pay close attn): Little ball. Floor. 2 minutes. Focus. ->I think you can handle


#tuesdaytips I love all of the questions I’m receiving and thank you! It not only gives me ideas but confirms that we’re all struggling w this posture thing! ‼️Working on Posture is a non-negotiable.‼️ Why: the strain on your body will literally change the way your body is properly set up. Which will therefore change the way it will operate! Think compromised organs, shortening of muscles which move bones, and eminent injuries. #techneck is legit. Can you fix yourself? YES!!! Totally! You must learn how which requires you to learn...oh that again??!! Yep. Read. Hire someone. Read anyway 🤓! And practice every day. #everydamnday That being said: the longer you’ve had poor postur


I woke this am to see an email from my sister and a couple texts from some clients and friends. All of them, literally, all of them were about pains they were having. Should she use a brace on her wrist? Should she wear flats instead of heels? His body is in pain from golf, what should he do? His posture is causing pain, what should he do? The answer to all of these are: you must do preventative work: 👊Every. Damn. Day. HERES A TRUTH: Pilates is the facilitator. It wasn’t created to be the end-all. It was created by JOE PILATES (a guy!) for men in the military to REHAB them. It's an amazing method that has myriad applications. I believe It’s the support system that we all need to li

FRIDAY (thank goodness!)

pilates.evolvedI am so grateful that what makes me happy is also my life work. I love teaching! Pilates is transformational. It goes far beyond counting, reps and calling out exercises. It’s a way of life. A community 🙏 In 1995 (i was 4 😆), I was a private trainer at an amazing health club and a client gave me sessions of this #pilates thing”. I did one session and knew I would teach it forever! Actually, it was as simple as that! Boy! Was my mama was bummed out! #notafad mama! ✨Teaching inspires me and I do believe I inspire people. It is true what they say: do what makes you happy and you’ll never work a day in your life. I’m pretty sure this quote that I posted isn’t only


I'm not going to win friends with this post. Not that I'm being negative or anything but people really want to hear...well, what they WANT to hear. This isn't that. DIETS DON'T WORK. There. I said it! Unfriend me. However, if you want to get real, keep on people! That four-letter-word market is THE largest repeated, consumer market coming in @ $70.3 billion industry for diet products and plans. It is SO large for a few reasons: 1. Americans are some of the laziest in the world. We came in @ an avg of 4774 steps and 17th out of alllll of the countries in the world. 2. 7% actually workout regularly @ 3x per week. SEVEN!!! 3. We are the #9th FATTEST in the world. #superproud (yep, sar


It's #workoutwednesday! Drum Roll Please! Omgoodness I really love running. Like a bee loves honey. Love. Can’t live without. LOVE. #yougetthepoint I’ve been consistently running 35 years. Without many breaks. ✨It’s my sanity. ✨My therapist. ✨My alone time. ✨Time w my besties. We solve world problems and include ours...😘 I’ thru 7.5 months of both pregnancies. Took 4 weeks to start up afterwards #dontdoasido 😳 Now? I usually run min 3 days per week but prefer 5. In order to keep me sane, married and running...I do PILATES 👊 Pilates can be done with or without equipment. Sure! It’s really fun to play in my little studio on my badass @balanced_body Reformer. But, I don’t nee