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When I was younger, my work was simpler. I did my best and it happened! Poof! Clearly, this was a long time ago! Ha! Now, with social media what it is and the myriad avenues by which to not only gain clients and income, it’s much more intense! It’s also more exciting! My best has many more facets! However, one can lose sight of what’s real, what’s important, and what will actually bring in material wealth/success. It’s so easy to get lost in it all and superficially compare yourself to others; looks, followers and/or what they say. One’s spirituality may therefore, get dimmed in this search for material wealth. This journey REQUIRES this spirituality tho!! We need a deep reservoir of self-love and self-acceptance that none of those things nor people will provide us. Your material wealth will come when you stay true to you. #youdoyou ❤️👊🦄 I know of this. I struggle with this. I know I’m not alone in this either. Tis why we need to stay focused on what matters most. For me: spirituality, family, framily, running and my passion/work.

In that order.♥️ . What’s yours? What ignited your fire and keeps you being the best you? . . . #you #selfcare #selflove #inspire #spirituality #awakener #robertfrost #oneminutewellness #expert #yourhealth #yourheart #pilates #sunrise #❤️

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