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My Favorite SMALL BUSINESSES: LA & AUSTIN If I missed anyone: LMK!!! BODY: HAIR: LA: -color: DIEGO @ -cut: DIEGO @ AUSTIN: -color: Keri @ Toni & Guy -cut: Xander @Toni & Guy BOTOX etc. (yes, really!): LA: Eugenia @ AUSTIN: Iris @ WORKOUTS: LA: pilates: anyone @ & (of course!) weights: WHO WANTS TO BE ON THIS LIST? AUSTIN: pilates: Karen Schwalbe Jones (duh!) weights: Sean Ahmadi @ PHYS. THERAPY: LA: David @ AUSTIN: Carol Jacobs 1.

Monday. Mantra. #Bekind

As well, May YOUR heart be kind, YOUR mind fierce and YOUR spirit brave. 🙏👊♥️ . #MondayMantra #BeKind #BeFierce #bebrave . . Thank you to my #vibetribe for the ongoing love n support. May I be the same love you are to me. ♥️🙏 #feelinggrateful #youknowwhoyouare #magicalunicorns 🦄

WorkoutWednesday: Recovery

Being the over-sharer that I am…I’m going to over-share with you about this BC the reasons I assumed I couldn't workout for 6 weeks are actually NOT the reasons that I can't! Who knew? Well, many women who've gone thru this! Consider this my @cliffsnotes version. Lots to learn. Read on! THE RECOVERY: 6 weeks. WHY? They took out an enlarged organ. Mine housed a few too many items. BC it was enlarged, the other organs were out of their happy space. Now that my big, bad boy is gone, I can feel things are different and my body needs time to heal. HOW? Lets start at the bottom and move up... My cervix was once attached to my uterus. Not any more! The tissue at the cervix is super fragile.

#TuesdayTips : Diatomaceous Earth. Yep.

Many years ago, Angel @hairfairiesinc (yes, my kids had lice. THREE times. #goodtimes )told me about this stuff that helped kill bugs and he lost weight. 🧐Yeah, I didn’t see the connection either. So, I did what I always do: research the sh*t out of it & educated myself BY THE WAY: you can too. You can ask questions too. You don’t need to take my word for it. That being said, I love learning about everything I can. If you want to know, I’ll happily research if I don’t know! Bring on the questions! 🙏👊 Here goes! Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is 99% fossilized phytoplankton. ALL NATURAL. It usually comes in the form of a white powder and is also used in water filtering, food manufacturing, s

We Share. You Share. That's What We Do. #Humanity

We share. That’s what we do. We're humans. We start with “how’d you sleep?” and end the day with a glass of wine (I do! #wino ) and ask “how was your day?” We ask because we care and therefore, share. Wouldn’t it be weird if we didn’t ask and thus, didn’t answer? Sometimes, those questions are asked throughout the day and pertain to work...and when we answer, we may be “selling”. The difference is: when we SHARE something with someone else it is equal to caring. Steve Jobs said that. Maybe someone before him did too but since he said it, it must be true. :) I FREAKISHLY love teaching. I am SHARING Pilates, wellness, nutrition, posture, stretching, recipes, homeopathy etc.. When peop


We hosted an event this weekend. It was sublime! Yep! For work. But, more for #community ♥️ Amber Hart from @thenaturalhart , Jeanette Bledsoe from @etceteraNYC and myself of @pilates.evolved & @vasayo thought it would be fun to invite our peoples and show them our favorite items. We curated what we thought/felt women would want from alllll of the things that we love! Was it to promote our respective businesses? Totally. Was it to SHARE? YES!!! I did this when I owned @Harmony_Studios and it’s an amazing COMMUNITY builder too. A chillaxing place to sip, shop, chat and support people you like & respect. Plain n simple. Kinda #kumbaya right? It was. 🙏♥️ It is pretty much THE biggest

Girlfriends Are. Everything.

Here’s the truth: us ladies need to stick together. Please don’t let life take you away from who is most important. It takes less than a minute to text or email if you haven’t the time to call. That said, aren’t the people/ladies you love worth the phone call too? I do. ❤️ To all my ladies, you know I got your back. I know you gots mine too. . TAG/EMAIL/TEXT YOUR BESTIES/GIRLFRIENDS WHO WILL SMILE JUST KNOWING YOU THOUGHT OF THEM. #NOW . I’m signing off for a few days. Having a little procedure (hysterectomy). It happens to the best of us, I guess. #sigh . .

Broken Record...Nurture You EVERY.DAMN.DAY

LISTEN UP! Seriously...I do feel like a broken record...if you don't know what that analogy means, we can't be friends. ;) --> Your body NEEDS you to be consistent. Not rocket science, right?! Your relationship with: Food (eating and cooking), Work, Workouts, Parenting, Spousing (it's a word, I looked it up) are pretty much the same: they all require love, attention, dedication, consistency and your overall lifetime commitment. #whoa Sounds overwhelming? I guess...or exciting! What an opportunity! A GIFT! You have the opportunity to learn to do these things to the best of your ability & be the best you can that moment...and then keep learning! Why wouldn't you want that? Sorry.