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The middle of the week. Humpday. At some point, I posted the original NYTimes 7-minute workout. I love it. It’s like having my own trainer...complete with adorable outfit (but no face! Wassup w that @NYtimes?) It’s time for you to amp it up to this one! Now you can use the advanced NYTimes 7 minute workout! You can do it at home, at the park or at the gym. HERE IT IS! Do it today? Tomorrow? Do it once this week and get back to me! #nytimes #workoutwednesday #staycreative #everydamnday

#TuesdayTips: All Relationships Are the Same...5 Ways to Stay Committed

Staying committed is the same across the board. Bold statement eh? Relationships, working out, eating well etc. How does one stay in it for the long-haul? 1. Mindset: Be in it to win it. You WILL NOT have success if you aren't clear that this: is for long term and it won't be easy. So unromantic eh? 2. Refine your goals so they're doable and not some nebulous point off in the distance: create menus for the week, get a trainer for the week, pick a date night. 3. Focus/Figure out what's important to you: lose 2 pounds, learn to cook 2 healthy meals, try a new workout, sex! 4. Hold yourself accountable. Take pics of yourself, enlist a PIC ("partner in crime"), tell people what you're up

#ThoughtfulThursday: Feelin It

Feelin the love of/for my girlfriends - which are all of my fierce, female family and framily. To say I’m a strong personality, would be putting it mildly. I was reared by whom I call: Jean of Arc. My mama was Jean. She reared a slew of us girl and we are a force for sure! For better for worse: this is how I am. Take it or leave it. Gratefully! I have a lot of takers! ❤️ I’ve surrounded myself with the same fiercely strong, independent, moral, loyal, stunning and amazing women! And you know? I really just feel boosted knowing this! Thank you ladies for being whom you are. I am so proud of you. I’m inspired by you. I learn from you. You make me better. I wouldn’t be be me without you. #fee

#TuesdayTips: Every. Damn. Day.

I've been working out without fail...for over (wait for it) 30 years. Whoa. That means: 1. I'm over 35 ;) 2. I should have THE most bangin body (not bad I'd say for almost 50) 3. I've needed to keep it any other relationship eh? I'm creative. I imagine myself doing and being. #imagination #creativity What do I do: THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE PEOPLES! I make it a priority just like I do: my family, my framily, my eating and anything else that I need to live! Something EVERY. DAMN. DAY. Lifting weights OR eating well OR cardio isn't acceptable. You MUST do it all. Your human-ness needs your heart tasked, your muscles challenged and you to eat n drink proper fuel (mine a

#Thoughtfulthursday: Really Finding it Hard to Find Joy

Where the heck is she? That Joy? What does one do when the hearts not feeling it? Besides look back on Tuesday's Blog? I count my blessings and move along. It really does work! Till it doesn't, and I do it again. And again. And again. Whenever I want! #lifesblessings #count #joy #love #blessed


Happy Wednesday! We’re having a Pilates. Evolved. Pilates Retreat! I’ve been asked by Angela (awesome lady/owner) @ to do a Pilates weekend retreat. I’m honored and excited! I've chosen So Cal for this first one because I’m missing my calif peeps and hoping that some can come from Texas too! It’s so close right?! It will be this July 12-15, 2018, in Los Olivos…wine tasting sounds pretty dreamy after a few workouts, don’t you think? Besides, this July 20th also happens to be my 50th bday! It’s 135 days from today…but who’s counting?!). Meaning: come celebrate with me! Angela has found a gorgeous studio where I will teach multiple classes and privates (if someone

#TuesdayTips: 10 Ways to Help You "Find" Joy

Skimming through articles and pictures I realized that it's like meditation: figure out how to do it -your way. The main goal: RECOGNIZING when you're feeling it and gowithit.... Here's my list: 1. Smile: self explanatory but if it isn't: it feels nice and makes others feel nice. Too simple eh? 2. Do something for someone else: give a gift, open a door, leave a lovely note, pay-it-forward. Something. Yummmm. 3. Take your time: not rushing around keeps me calmer & allows me to take in life. 4. Laugh: at yourself or with others or for zero reason at all. Just. Do. It! #thankyounike 😜 5. Dance: bust a move especially if you totally shouldn’t (insert Elaine meme). #imissseinfeld 6. Play: b

#Mondaymantra: Find Joy

These are my lovelies. These two beings are pure, unadulterated joy. They find joy in...omg, so much in life! Their joy brings me joy. They see things that I wouldn't see which in turn, helps me find joy. TODAY: look around and look for things to see! Find Your Joy.

#Friyay Happiness!

I’ve been mooooody! Like, annoyingly so! I'm driving myself batty. But! I’ve focused on the positive, worked out and my family still loves there's that! Made it to Friday! Sending positive juju out to all y’all! #friday #fridayvibes #juju #moody