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#mondaymantra: stand, sit, walk up properly

#mondaymantra STAND, SIT, WALK UP PROPERLY!! Why? 😳 Why not?! THERE ARE LITERALLY ZERO REASONS NOT TO HAVE GORGEOUS POSTURE 👊 This week WE will learn #whattheheck great posture is. I am fervish about this. It’s everything. I really do know so. 👍 ✅#what #why #how . CHEW ON THIS FOR A MOMENT: everything in your body BENEFITS from having/owning great posture. Your presence is stronger. ...AND THE TOTAL OPPOSITE HAPPENS W POOR POSTURE #jussayin . . FOLLOW ME HERE FOR MORE AMAZING INFO! & . . . #posture #posturepolice #postureiseverything #standup #standtall #walktall #sitproperly #pilates #pilateslove #knowledgeispower #learn #menofinstagram #womenofinstagram #ma

#ThoughtfulThursday: 86,400

There are 86,400 seconds in a day...what're you going to do with them? Make the most of them or throw them away? You have choices! Life doesn't happen to make it happen. #justsayin MAKE THE CHANGE! That you are. That you want. That you need. #BAM


GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY! #enoughsaid . . . . #getoutofyourownway #success #movingforward #onestepatatime #failureisnotanoption #keepgoing #keepingitreal #iloveteaching #retreat #goals #relationships

#TuesdayTip: Squeeze It In

The martini caught your eye didn't it?? Mine too. Yum! Except we're chatting about squeezing IMPORTANT "to-do's" into your daily life. I do mean FIGURATIVELY & LITERALLY...used properly...finally. It is a weebit annoying when people use literally and it's not literally. #jussayin #mamawasanenglishteacher -Squeeze lemon in your (100oz) water per day as it stimulates white blood cell production, protects cells from oxidation, and possibly metabolic health. -Squeeze in 5 minutes in the am to breathe in the morning and appreciate your life -Squeeze in 3 minutes a few times per day to stretch. Yes, even while at work! I can show you how! DM me here, FB, or Instagram. -Squeeze in 10 minute

Life. Me.

Boy oh boy folks, this life thang! It has been a time...for self reflection, growth and some discomfort (to say the least!) Woof. I'm not sure why and now? Maybe it's because we recently moved and I'm finding fill in the blank Who the heck knows...but it's happening. I'm not stressin about it either which is TOTALLY unlike me. I'm just dealing with it as it happens...also not like me. I tend to take life by the horns. So, how does someone like me allow and embrace change? Running more, found a therapist, eating well, drinking good wine, and making time for girlfriends. Obviously, my man and kids are part of this but it's so easy to let the "me" stuff go in efforts to be the superhe


I'm changing my Wednesday post to wellness as opposed to workout. It felt confining and I've got LOTS to say! :) For example! Working out is...posture, coordination, balance, cardio, weights, and oh yes, fueling your body to do this all day long, (I'm trying not to curse). Seriously tho people! Stop thinking you can sorta dial it in. You really can't and why would you? THIS IS YOUR BODY! (I'm getting all excited) Do all of it every day. I'm not talking marathon workouts. At different times of the day. Stay with me...this is tough (insert sarcasm): Just suggestions: -POSTURE: ALL DAY DM me if you need to know how. This is probably the toughest of all. Not lyin and th

#TuesdayTips: Eat Mushrooms.

Mushrooms have been found to: cure cancer, increase immunity, anti-tubercular, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and restricts blood vessels that feed tumors. Take home of this? Eat a variety a few times per week. Like, not sorta maybe. Go to your local coop, whole foods, awesome-store-that-has-everything and get your dose of natural perfection. If you don't like mushrooms: chase 'em down with wine (also good for you!) ...I'm kidding about the last part peoples! #yeesh Here's the video and the article: #turkeytailmushrooms #curecancer #Fcancer #yourbody