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I’m not going to win any friends by saying this but…having children, starting & owning a business, and initiating & executing a workout routine are essentially the same thing.

📍They ALL begin with your perception of what’s possible and consistent nurturing.

📍They all require soul searching, life-time of commitment and constant education and redirecting. I get that emotionally they are NOT exactly the same. However, if you want success from those, the basic concepts are EXACTLY the same. #exactly.


Now, I’m going to go out on a esoteric limb and also say that your success begins with how you view life; your reality.

In 2006, Ms Byrne wrote the @thesecret365 re: The Laws of Attraction.

The @goodmenproject wrote: “In yoga philosophy, it is not said that you create your reality but that you create your experience of reality."



1️⃣Count your blessings. Appreciating the "little things” requires constant awareness. This new awareness will help you respond differently; positively/calmly.

2️⃣Let go of your anger. It won’t get you anywhere anyhow! This is daily for me! I can get allll spun out. #oy

3️⃣ “Keep your enemies closer” It’s pretty much the supports #2. It’ll make your world a kinder place when you’re not feeling this…besides, if you’re THAT angry, you’re really giving that person all your energy that you could be using in a more positive way.

4️⃣Pretend you’re chatting with you. Do you like you? Why? Why not? That was a game changer for me. Someone once told me: ask yourself BEFORE you respond: will I be proud of my reaction/response later? Especially, if it turns out to be my own fault?

Oooohhhh that one has happened!😳

FOR EXAMPLE: We were @ the airport and missed our flight. I was SO upset and was a total ass-hat to the poor lady at the counter. Guess what? She was amazing helped us in spite of my behavior. She forever changed my life with her behavior. #youneverknow


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