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Well, it’s Wednesday! Hump Day. Midweek. My blah day. But it isn’t! I’ve had a great run, good times w my babes, and had a really nice “pond” workout with a friend today! Lucky me! My ♥️ 💪 cup is feeling full. Today’s workout: Walk fast to pond (1/2 miles) and walk around pond once (NY size block). Picnic table: step ups and push ups. 20 each. Walk to fishing hut (yes, really!): 20 standing lunges, 20 tricep push ups, 20 courtesy lunges Walk home (uphill, both ways 😜). Do medicine ball ab workout for 5 minutes and stretch! One hour! #BAM #workoutwithfriends #workoutinnature #friends #love

#TuesdayTips: Bye Bye Stress

I'm often asked how to alleviate stress...uh, have you met me? I don't believe I really exude calm. However, others do. Something may be workin' I guess! I do suppose I'd be a WAY tighter ball of nerves and more anxious if I didn't do these 5 things. By the way, all of the research I've done, which is a fair amount have one thing in common: exercise. 1. Walk away from the situation (this one is a struggle for me). It doesn't need to be solved right then. 2. Exercise. Every. Single. List. has this one. 3. Smile and Laugh. 4. Get social support...I guess social media counts too? Not sure if I'm on that train. 5. Meditate...choose how you meditate best. I run. The world is a happier pl

MondayMantra: Do Your Best

Stress was like that ugly sweater that I used to wear around. Until I started asking myself: Am I doing my best? I wore my fugly sweater no more! #uglysweater #doyourbest #fugly #nomorestress

#Friyay 👊🍷💪

CHEERS! I love Friday like a child loves her bday (oh wait! I love that too!)! My kids are chill, my honey and I take a date night and I work very little (now that my biz is much smaller). I also ALWAYS workout. Weekend means fun workouts. I’m more creative bc I have more time. We do stupid-fun things like jump on our trampoline and I race my boy child (yes- I am still faster!). I take my four leggeds and two leggeds for long walks (after the two leggeds stop complaining, its actually quite awesome! 😂😘) Do I drink? Yup! Totally! After all, i t’s all about the balance of it all! All work, no fun makes ksj a very grumpy lady! #WorkHard #PlayHard #balance #play #weekend #iloveaustin

#WorkoutWednesday: Gathering My Peeps

I had a revelation recently! I realized that anyone or no one can be my workout peeps. Whhhhaaaattheheck?? When I do my "pond" workouts (see Nov 22nd blog), I often invite neighbors. If they come, I have peeps. It's awesome! It's making my new world a bit smaller and lovelier every time. I'm meeting and making new friends, I get a partner, it keeps me teaching, I get to help them (which I LOVE!) and I'm working out too! When I don't have a partner, I bring along my trustie side-kick (the green band) and go about my workout and make a plan for the next one I have with my friends. My new friend Gaye came over which was perfect! She wanted a little tutorial on the abs and wall-tricep post

#TuesdayTip: Making Workouts Work

Hey y'all..diets, fads, and quick fixes won't work and never will work. Ever. How the heck can I be sooooo sure about that? Well...I've seen mannnny diets come and go. They don't work because they are SHORT TERM. Your life is NOT short term. And well, ya know...not to sound sassy: your mental, emotional, nutritional & physical wellness is forfreakineverrrrr. Jus sayin. The two really do need to correlate. One could argue that "diet" and "program" are essentially the same. And they are. Essentially. That said, how you make sense of the word makes a MASSIVE difference to your understanding for your objective. on my peoples! A program is set for you to learn about you; eat

Thoughtful Thursday: Still Give Love (on other days than Vday)

...while I'm not super religious, this feels good. Love Means Giving John 3:16 KJV 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave . . . You can give without loving, but you can't love without giving. When you love you will give of your time, you will give of yourself, and you will give of your resources. Those who truly love, hold nothing back. The measure of your giving reveals the measure of your love. Love is something we can't see, but we can see the evidence of love in the action it produces, which is giving. If you love someone you will also give them forgiveness. Love causes you to be merciful, understanding, and forgiving. Where you give your time and resources also reveals what you lov

Tuesday Tip: Give Love

Over the weekend, I was hanging with one of my loves after she'd had surgery. I know, give, give. ;) To be honest, I love this woman. Breathing the same air as her makes me the happiest girl. We had such a perfect couple of days. Can she be my Valentine too? I've decided: yes. My Honey is, has been and always will be Mine. My kids too. Yum. That said, my love life wouldn't be the same without my other loves. So, for all of you that Bah Humbug Vday, consider this: It's a LOVE day. Not just for lovers. For the was always about love and not until recently about Lovers. Jus sayin. #love #Valentinesday #chooselove #givelove

Happy Friyay! Where have you stretched today?

Where have you stretched today? Since I’m into total transparency (aka: no filter), I’m gonna fill you in on a normal day for goes! Woke up w a couple stretches in bed- like a baby stretches. Got out of bed and stretched my quads while brushing my teeth (yep, switched hands to brush to switch hands to stretch other quad). Threw on a terrible outfit for running (see insta..woof!) and sought out coffee. Stretched upper back and neck while waiting for said coffee Drank ahhhmazing caffeine er, coffee at desk...sciatic and piraformas stretching ensued. Got breakfast together for Penelope and placed foot up on counter while cooking. Hamstrings and hips were happy (but Kory will not be

Wednesday Workout: PLAY!

'Tis me. Your WW pal. I'm here to tell you that it's crazy important to make this workout thing fun! Change it up, find a partner, keep it interesting! DO ANYTHING to make it fun...or at least motivatingly tolerable. (Yes, motivatingly is totally a word) Stay with me....if I workout 6 days per week, 1.5 hours per day, every single week...468 hours per year....oh yes, and forever n ever! That's a LONG freakin time to do that same workout or even couple of workouts. You're heard Einstein's definition of insanity? Yep: "doing something over and over again and expecting the same result". Read that aloud. And now think about your workouts. Here's my suggestion: Every day must have cardio,

Tuesday Tips: Sleep "Magic"

Folks, this isn't rocket science. This is like everything else in our lives: it takes consistency (just like: working out, eating right etc. ahem.)! I have been less than an ideal sleeper. Oh sure, I pass out quickly (not from booze people! geez! ;)) but I'd wake at 1ish, stay awake for an hour or so and then got annoyed that I have to be up 5am...vicious cycle. I've tried a ton of things... I'll make it easy for you! OK? I have chosen the ones that have less props: oils, masks, earphones etc. The thought of needing and/or traveling with all of those things made me feel all "Hollywood". Just couldn't. Can't. Won't. This small list works. And, yes, you can do this. It's how committed you

Monday Mantra: sleep

Sleep is good. "They" say that we need 7-9 hours of sleep daily. Well...I know verrrrry few people who get that amount. So then what? Well, you're in a sleep deficit. This week, we'll be chatting about how that happens, what to do for that deficit and some habits for you to take up for you to go down. :) Till then: get some sleep! #mondaymantra #sleep #goodsleephabits #Zzz


No shock here: my health. As you know, I'm pretty healthy! I workout, eat well, take vitamins, drink my 100oz of water, sleep a decent amount, drink moderately (albeit consistently), etc. But, I do take my health for granted. I won't anymore. On this Thursday, I declare! Happy Health Day! Be kind and good to yourself. -Give yourself a big ol hug (I dare you to literally do it while grocery shopping or while walking! Dare!). -Tell yourself what you would tell your bestie (or best dude, if you're a dude and "bestie" is outta your comfort zone): You are strong, capable, intelligent...choose your healthy words and say them. Do it! It really feels like a yummy virtual hug! (or, again, do t

Workout Wednesday: While Sick?

Yes. Well, if you have a temperature: no. Your body is working hard enough already. Go to bed. Now. (said w love) If you don't, go for it. Sometimes, moving and sweating it out will help the healing! You may take a few days off or reduce your effort to 50% of your normal capacity. Walk for 15 minutes instead of running for 30 minutes, or do one set of lifting instead of five. Also keep in mind the above-the-neck rule: If your symptoms include a runny nose, dry cough, or sneezing, you should be fine to exercise. This year's flu is no joke peoples. Be smart! If you have any questions! You know how to find me. Instagram: @pilates.evolved Facebook: @Karen Schwalbe-Jones Digits: 323.422.65