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#Friyay 👊🍷💪


I love Friday like a child loves her bday (oh wait! I love that too!)!

My kids are chill, my honey and I take a date night and I work very little (now that my biz is much smaller).

I also ALWAYS workout. Weekend means fun workouts. I’m more creative bc I have more time. We do stupid-fun things like jump on our trampoline and I race my boy child (yes- I am still faster!). I take my four leggeds and two leggeds for long walks (after the two leggeds stop complaining, its actually quite awesome! 😂😘)

Do I drink? Yup! Totally! After all, i

t’s all about the balance of it all!

All work, no fun makes ksj a very grumpy lady!

#WorkHard #PlayHard #balance #play #weekend #iloveaustin