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#WorkoutWednesday: Gathering My Peeps

I had a revelation recently!

I realized that anyone or no one can be my workout peeps.


When I do my "pond" workouts (see Nov 22nd blog), I often invite neighbors. If they come, I have peeps. It's awesome! It's making my new world a bit smaller and lovelier every time. I'm meeting and making new friends, I get a partner, it keeps me teaching, I get to help them (which I LOVE!) and I'm working out too! When I don't have a partner, I bring along my trustie side-kick (the green band) and go about my workout and make a plan for the next one I have with my friends.

My new friend Gaye came over which was perfect! She wanted a little tutorial on the abs and wall-tricep post anyway and we'd been saying we wanted to walk for too long (time flies here as it does in LA...a weebit slower maybe).


--->IF YOU WANT HELP CREATING THIS FOR YOU, LMK AND I CAN HELP YOU! I have equipment but you don't need to (it's just a bit more fun bc I have more options!)

5 min on my cardio equipment

5 min ab series on little ball

5 min walking lunges

3 min tricep push ups exercises

5 min walking lunges

5 min big ball adductor series

5 min on cardio equipment

5 min wall triceps (as promised)

3 min TRX chest press and I did the same on the floor (AKA: push ups)

stretch and chat.

5 min hamstring

Now...what you aren't reading: the usual Karen grilling about past ailments, correct posture, explanations of proper form. That would bore the crap out of you to read but it's pretty awesome to receive in person!

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