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#TuesdayTips: Bye Bye Stress

I'm often asked how to alleviate stress...uh, have you met me? I don't believe I really exude calm. However, others do. Something may be workin' I guess! I do suppose I'd be a WAY tighter ball of nerves and more anxious if I didn't do these 5 things. By the way, all of the research I've done, which is a fair amount have one thing in common: exercise.

1. Walk away from the situation (this one is a struggle for me). It doesn't need to be solved right then.

2. Exercise. Every. Single. List. has this one.

3. Smile and Laugh.

4. Get social support...I guess social media counts too? Not sure if I'm on that train.

5. Meditate...choose how you meditate best. I run. The world is a happier place if KSJ is running. :)

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