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#TuesdayTips: All Relationships Are the Same...5 Ways to Stay Committed

Staying committed is the same across the board. Bold statement eh? Relationships, working out, eating well etc. How does one stay in it for the long-haul?

1. Mindset: Be in it to win it. You WILL NOT have success if you aren't clear that this: is for long term and it won't be easy. So unromantic eh?

2. Refine your goals so they're doable and not some nebulous point off in the distance: create menus for the week, get a trainer for the week, pick a date night.

3. Focus/Figure out what's important to you: lose 2 pounds, learn to cook 2 healthy meals, try a new workout, sex!

4. Hold yourself accountable. Take pics of yourself, enlist a PIC ("partner in crime"), tell people what you're up to, or make a hotel reservation (one of my personal favs!).

It's all possible! Just. Do. It. #thankyounike

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