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#workoutwednesday 🧐 Your workout/fitness goals MUST be yours. Listen, I’ve been in this world forever. I’ve watched teachers inflict their own goals upon clients. They want so badly for their client to look or feel a certain way! I’ve watched and listened to clients do workouts they HATE or dread bc their friends look or feel a certain way!! It’s kinda crazy, right?!!? HERES WHAT YOU DO: ▶️ Think. Don’t do a single thing. Sit on the thoughts: 💭 ...What are your specific goals? Write it out! Yes, really. Let’s say this one is: bigger butt. #wheninrome ...everyone seems to want a bootie these vlog! ▶️ CHOOSE and RESEARCH How does one build up a bootie? Look at the prof athletes who have one. NOT the people at the gym. Sorry, I may not be popular with this one. But I’m from calif where people add-a-bootie #keepinitreal #literally 👊 Professionals/Athletes w big butts usually do: heavier lifting, less reps, plyometric work, and mix it up. Often. ▶️ALWAYS find an expert to help you get started EVEN IF you’re an expert. Why?? Experts are experts bc they are constantly learning and we have valuable insight and support to help others towards their goals. . ▶️Make a 8-9 week plan. It takes that long to create valuable, potentially permanent change. #humancondition ▶️Check in w your expert at least every other week: ACCOUNTABILITY! . ❓WHAT IS YOUR GOAL❓ Feel better? More energy? Defined arms? Run a 5k? Marathon? Get rid of belly fat? Get rid of indigestion!? . ⁉️WHAT IS IT⁉️ . . #goal #teach #keepitreal #icanhelp #caring #takesavillage #expert #inspire #wellness #oneminutewellness #workout #workoutgoals #workoutpartner #support #pilatesteacher #strengthcoach #wellnesscoach #losangeles #austin ♥️PS: my 15 year old took and sent this picture to me. #austinsunrise #kidsofinstagram #proudmama  

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