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THURSDAY #oneminutewellness

More about GOALS!🤸‍♀️🧘‍♀️ Goals are pretty much everything bc without them there’s very little focus and even less adherence to the task👊 You need to be: -realistic -practical -make allowances for life crap (you know you’ll make some excuse for something!) -think of it as a FOREVER -goal (as opposed to quick-fix. Like a diet. #ahem ) -get DETAILED and plan; write/type. Oh! and plan on adding to the list as you think of more. -place said list where you can see it. Like...on your fridge.😳 . 📌3% of the American population works out more than 3 times per week 📌7% adheres to 3 times per week regularly 📌20.6% people met recommended amount: 2.5 hours per WEEK. Or 1.25 vigorous (ie HIIT) 📌5 million deaths came from inactivity (wtf, people!) 📌most likely to move-it: 18-24. Least likely: 65 and older. 📌36.5% of Americans are overfat (50 lbs/ 22.68 kilos). 1 in 13 adults and 1 in 6 children are obese. Parents!!! 📌99% fail on all diets. #truth . . 🔹MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY. 🔹SET YOUR GOAL(S) . 👥tag a friend and make a plan to do his together 🙏follow, share, comment, question . #everydamnday #priorities #goals #babysteps #list #oneminutewellness

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