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10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Pilates Class

Hey all...a class is a really tough way to start ANY practice. Yes, it's affordable and yes, you can hang with your friends but! I am here to tell you that if you think that your teacher is some magical practitioner that can cure you in class in one've fallen off your unicorn. That said, I'll help you out with a few key pointers that will help you get started and get the most out of a class.

Now, a class implies you are SHARING your time with at least a few others. This means you will NOT get personal attention. If you repeatedly attend the same class, the teacher will get to know you and you will begin to get more up close n personal with your new guru. ADVICE: find a teacher and time that works and go. Repeat. Repeat. and Repeat

Next, tell the aforemebtioned guru ALL of your physical limitations. Go back waaaaaay into your past and really do your best to remember if you broke a bone, sprained an ankle etc.. All your past craziness affects your present and will go into your future if you don't get on it. ADVICE: first class-tell the teacher that you are new and 30 seconds of what ails you (30 secs bc you are still sharing this class with others..don't hog the teacher).

Last but not least, stay with this class for 9 weeks before you bail out. It takes more than a couple sessions for any GREAT teacher to learn you and for you to get the nuances that are often missed in classes. Only then, can you really begin to understand what the hell is going on and how to do it better in class and then! how you can use that info in real life.

ADVICE: 9 weeks. Be patient. (or add in some privates to accelerate your class advancement)

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