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Happy Friyay!

The last day of the workweek otherwise known as Friyay! We all look forward to it because it's time to exhale; go out, get some great food, hang with friends, maybe drink a bit more- let loose (except maybe parents of young kids who have too many sports/activities on Sat! 😉). I get it! I'm the same way! Here's my Friyay challenge: go on an adventure every weekend. Big or small- doesn't matter. Just go do something different. Explore. It is so much freakin fun to do something different which in turn, nourishes the soul in ways that a simple "relaxing weekend doesn't. Yep, we're all busy blah, blah, blah. This won't feel like a chore once you're in it. It'll feel like a gift. Now, go! Do it and get back to me! Let me know what you did.

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