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Thoughtful Thursday: Pilates Is A Dude Thing.

As I was waking, I was thinking how many people I've recently met that either know nothing about Pilates and/or if they do, they think it's "for women and super-yummy-stretchy. It. Is. Not. (mostly)

Pilates was created in the 1920s by the physical trainer Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) for the purpose of rehabilitation/regaining strength. Some of the first people treated by Pilates were soldiers returning from war.

Women and dancers only later glommed onto it because they recognized the strengthening-while-lengthening effects.

Nowadays, most athletes do Pilates in conjunction with their regular routines...I'm talking Pro Football Players, Texas Longhorn Players, golfers, tennis players etc etc., you get the point. Why?

Athletes used to only work bigger muscles and do functional training. It wasn't enough and they were getting injured. They needed to learn how to support their sport. Cross train, if you will. So they used Pilates as that tool. Pilates is the facilitator; it is a method to help support your other tasks whether its housework, football, ballet, gardening, soccer, tennis, playing with your kids or, or, or.

Now, it can be a little lower on the athletic side if you're weak, rehabbing an injury etc., If not, it's a tougher, totally focused workout.

It is not for sissies. Jus sayin...

If you have a sport: this is for you. If you have weaknesses: this is for you.

If you want a stronger core and want to look better: this is for you.

Everyone NEEDS Pilates.

If the by-product is a 6-pack and tighter bum? You're welcome!

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