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Feeling ahhhmazing!

Woke up this chilly, 50 degree morning (yes, chilly! IYCBT!) and felt nothing but completely blessed. So simple eh? Rare -and it felt really, really aaahhhmazing. Y'all must know, I am not a hippie, yummy, feel-good person...I mean,

I want to be! I'm positive and all...but just not that Yoda-like persona. So, having this strange euphoric feeling without having to count my blessings, is not norm for ksj (me)!

I have been beyond stressed, frustrated and anxious about the plight of our world. I worry about our future. Always feeling and thinking the earth and its peeps need a BIG f'ing breather.

But today?! I felt that all is workable (around me/us) and I have choices and I can create change in myself and help others. Whether on a large or small scale, is irrelevant.

I. Can. Create. Change.

So I decided that today I was going to (re)start with being the kindest, bestest person, mama, wife, biz person and social contributor that I can. And then I was going to see where that went...

And you know what!? It's been a really fing awesome day! I've made headway in ways that I felt stuck. I've connected with people and made connections for people that will only improve our respective worlds. In turn, this will create more and more change...and so on...

The moral of this rambling story?

Begin somewhere.

Everyone who's made big change started smaller and kept going. Yes, it's overwhelming and sometimes therefore, paralyzing! But, life is too damn short to keep saying "tomorrow".

Start with please & thank you, compliment a stranger, show kindness, donate and/or gift time...Make your thus, our world a better place.🌍#createchange #onelove

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