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This is what 49-and-almost-half looks like

TODAY IS MY HALF BDAY! So, I thought I'd repost this. You'll prob see it again in 6 months. Happy Saturday peoples!

I'm 49. I'll be 50 July 20th. Yep! There it is! Out there for y'all to know.

1. I expect mannnny bday wishes now that I've told you! 😁

2. I feel really great! I also think I look pretty good!

I often hear that I "look good for 49". Thank you! I think...but, for y'all who say that, I know you mean well but it's a weird reply. What's that really mean anyway? That I look good for being old? Older? Almost AARP?

Here's what you should say when SO shocked (😜) that I'm almost 50: "Awesome! How do you feel?"

To which I answer: "I look and feel great for 19 or 29 or whatever age I FEEL at the moment. Age really is just a number".

How I FEEL represents that age. Roller skating indoors with @ashleyalbrizio or Penelope? 10.

Doing backbends? 35 (I feel them more than I used to). Running? Maybe 40ish (I'm slightly amused and shocked that my legs still run after 25 years of pounding the pavement!).

If you would have asked my younger Karen what I thought almost 50 would feel like, never would I have imagined Me but super blessed that I do!

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