gerund or present participle: giving

1.freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone); hand over to.

Giving is a simple concept ranging from giving a compliment, to giving a gift, to giving a pet a home, or giving money. It nourishes the soul because its given and then accepted with love.

Recently, we've had an extraordinary amount of natural disasters, one far surpassing the previous in size and devastation. Earthquakes in Peru, Hurricanes in the US (including Puerto Rico), Wildfires etc. Many are still without homes, water, electricity and/or food. ALL of these people and regions affected, continue to need our help. Just because the newest one is in the news, Houston, Barbuda etc. still need us!

Please, GIVE.

Call or email your local shelters and ask how you can best help. Even the smallest amount of time and/or money creates change.

Below are two that have the strongest teams to create change.

The Red Cross' net spreads the widest: It gives to places, humans and animals.

The SPCA focuses on aiding animals:

Thank you! #onelove #give