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To all of you teachers near and far, of Instgram and Youtube: THANK YOU!

I recently sold my studio of 18 years where I worked next to THE most amazing teachers...and then I wasn't anymore. At which point, I decided to use social media simply as a tool to stay current; keep my pointed toes dipped in the Pilates pool, if you will. What I didn't expect was how deep that pool was! All of a sudden, I had access to an infinite number of incredibly educated teachers who were located all over the world. I understand that social media doesn't take the place of learning from real people and in real time. I really do! However, I also now realize that social media is a powerful platform where teachers can empower & encourage other teachers, all over the world, to be great. NOT just mediocre, but GREAT! These teachers are working their tight tushies off by posting pictures, writing tutorials, doing workouts, and explaining lessons. They are sharing personal and professional stories and insights, all in the name of teaching. This community of teachers also exudes the #onelove that most only talk about. This encouraging crew, makes comments such as: "amazing!", "gorgeous!", "incredible explanation of detail!" etc.. That is what teaching is all about: Inspire, teach, & change.

For the record y'all, I'm not blind to the marketing/branding aspect. However, until those 100K followers happen? It's a crapload of work and all on their own dime. They'd better be loving what they're doing or they'd have given up long ago!

So! I'm here to say thank you! You #teachersofinstagram and social media, are a badass group! Thank you for being out there to learn from and inspire others, specifically me! #grateful

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