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"I'm bored with my workout!"

If I had a dime...

Maybe boredom is a good thing! What if it forces one to create change?

That’s the conclusion of many fascinating recent studies. In one, researchers asked a group of subjects to do something boring, like copying out numbers from a phone book, and then take tests of creative thinking, such as devising uses for a pair of cups. The result? Bored subjects came up with more ideas than a non-bored control group, and their ideas were often more creative.

Next time you're bored with your workout, get creative! Choose one exercise and choose two variations of it.

BORING: supine chest fly.

ALTERNATE: 1. Standing on bozu ball do an incline fly. 2. Using a band (attached to a pole or something) standing chest fly. BAM!

Get creative!

You're welcome. I'll send you the bill. ;)

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