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It does feel like the world and its peeps need a bit of a breather.   From the natural disasters and hurricanes to the political craziness, We The People need a breather; a break before we do.  

Let's think about what's near and dear.  What is MOST important to us as people and to the lives around us near and far?  After all, we really are on the same team but sometimes get so caught up in the competition of it all. 

Find something or someone that can help you catch your breath. I read an amazing article by Lt. Col. Michael Strobl, a volunteer military escort accompanied the body of Lance Cpl. Chance Phelps to his hometown in Wyoming. 

Why on earth would I go to this article?  I know very little of the military and don't know really anyone in the military!  Then there's also the fact that we have Oprah and Deepak out there to Zen us back to reality, ya know?!  However, I have read it multiple times because it's that article that grounds me.   The story motivates me to reassess what's real and what's B.S. in my life.  It inspires me to be a better person and help others do, be & feel better.  

We all need a little help staying grounded.  All of us.  What's your go-to? 

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