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What Is Pilates?

I went to a conference about 20 years ago and in front of about 100 people, I answered this question: "efficiency of movement". To which she said: "not really, but good try!" Ouch...except that I still think the same thing!

Pilates is the vehicle by which teach our brains to work with our body better (that's what efficiency means...jus sayin). When we become this streamlined machine, we have more power for our daily activities and/or the sports that we choose. It's actually the conditioning sport for our other sports.

Who does Pilates? Everyone (should).

I realize that's a bold statement, but it's true.

The meditative quality calms and focuses our brains while the gained flexibility and strength makes our movements flawless and powerful. While an athlete obviously benefits from this, so can the child learning a sport, to the college student who is on their computers too much to the average adult who knows that posture, coordination and balance are good for him/her.

There's only to be gained from Pilates and absolutely nothing to lose. #bam #pilatesisforeveryone


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