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The Power of Words

I was told once that I write like a 10-year-old and at times tend to have the mouth of a drunken sailor...maybe?! However, when I teach I deliberately choose words with intention. I've realized that when I teach and cue, it's the feeling of the words that makes real impact upon my clients.

For example, when you say you "want to do Pilates" or you'll "try", you are choosing words with a "back door". If you don't do Pilates or the workout doesn't can say, "well, I do want to!" or "I tried!" You went out through the proverbial back door.

While this concept transcends far beyond teaching, this is an health blog so we'll stay on this subject! 😁

Here's my challenge to you: speak with intention this weekend. Take your time speaking and choose your words by the impact they'll have upon the recipient.

"It's not what you say, it's how you say it!"

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