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Workout Wednesday

I'm going to start posting Wednesday Workouts. For you to do every Wednesday. EVERY WEDNESDAY.

We'll help each other: I'll stay creative and you'll do a new workout every Wednesday and remain consistent: win win!

Your body needs to withstand this thing called LIFE. On EVERY level- we are a changing being. You must mix it up not only to stave off boredom, but to grow and change with your evolution.

The workouts will be about 10 minutes in length...EVERYONE has 10 minutes. I assure you.

HIIT most of the time.

I will send short explanations; how to's.

Done. 10 minutes of kick*ss and either get ready for your day or blow off steam! BAM!

TODAY: One of my long-time favs: The (NY Times) Scientific 7-Minute Workout.

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