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Workout Wednesday: HIIT

I went out with my honey last night (🍷) and didn't run this am. Didn't feel like it.

You see, I prefer to run in the dark.

I'm now left figuring out my workout today. I usually have a better plan but because I woke up later (630), my day has already started off oddly....So! I decided that I would run anyway and take pictures of my run and HIIT workout too! I had a blast! It was like I brought my virtual workout partner on a workout with nature!

Come along for my workout!!!

Ran from our home atop Musket Rim to the community fishing pond (yes, there's a pond and it's pretty rad)

SEE! I did 5 laps around (I like odd, finite numbers..yep.)

Trail around pond is so pretty. I get to think about nothing and focus on me. It's DIVINE!

Changing colors are kind of shocking to me!

Little bench at the end of the dock at aforementioned pond was used for: 20 step ups (glutes and quads), 20 side step ups (lateral movement and stabilization is key!), 20 reverse plank leg lifts. Whew! Ran 3 more laps around the pond after!

View from push up station!

Cute picnic table was great for pushups and dips! Nope, not antique...I wouldn't abuse an antique!

Me. Pond. Proof. :)

Steps were amazing for plyometric workout: 20 single step jump ups. 20 side step (each side) 15 double step...I thought my legs my seize! Whoa.

more pretty things to zen-out

Five hill sprints by the pool. Tiny hill but gets to ya when sprinting up n down. By the way, look at this pic: I gots me a little junk in my trunk compared to the one below! hahaaa!


Fing hill...yep, that was exactly what I thought. Sprinted up this baby. only took two minutes (and nearly one heart attack)

Dropped by my friends house for a stretch sesh with Juliette. See, she also isn't too sure of my fugly (but AWESOME) shoes! They're Vibrams. And they are pure magic. Juliette isn't too shabby either <3

That's it y'all! Thanks for the motivation!!! Have a blessed Wednesday! #funwithnature #runninginnature #theworldisourgym

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