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You Have Choices

You really do! Gratefully! I mean, there are always exceptions. However, if you're reading this- you have choices. One of them is reading this (and thank you!).

Exercise, eating healthy and drinking water are a few more goodies.

Listen, I've been around this "wellness" block a few (thousand) times...I've heard every comment and excuse as to why, when or how you should or could make the choice (or not) to live a bit better.

Guess what? If you aren't choosing healthier: you're lying/rationalizing to yourself. Plain n simple. I could sugar-coat reality but, that's not my job. My job is to teach y'all to live more healthfully. My job is to encourage you to learn about you.Here's reality: every single one of you MUST move and every single one of you MUST eat well and drink water. It's pretty much that simple.

This is your ONLY body that you will ever have: Do good by it, will you??

STARTING NOW (not "now" as in "today" as that's another excuse in the "when" category): MAKE A CHOICE (aka: commit...ooohhh scary!) to do one thing better for you from the aforementioned list (exercise, food, water) categories. NOW. BAM!

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