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Let's Be Like Buddha

I was looking for blog ideas a while back and came across Tapping. WTH?? Yep, Tapping. Like, using your fingertips to tap your face.

I was watching videos where schools were implementing minutes a day of tapping to calm and focus children. Whaaaaaa?! Yep, really! Read on from one of the foremost experts in the Tapping field Jacqui Manning...ok, that sounds funny. Jus sayin.

What is ‘tapping’? Tapping is a technique or tool that releases tension, stress, anxiety and more from your body and also has a clearing effect on the mind. It is extremely effective in reducing or eliminating anxiety & stress and works well in many different areas:

-sleep problems – getting to sleep, or waking up and not returning to sleep

-panic attacks and general anxiety/fears (e.g. flying phobias, social anxiety)

-handling workplace stress

-public speaking & performance anxiety

-addictive cravings (including for cigarettes, food, alcohol)

-children’s issues (general daily worries, school anxiety, homework/activity anxiety)

-trauma (PTSD)

-physical health (IBS, migraines, pain)

-career issues and much more

If you would like to learning more:

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