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Forget Resolutions

Plain n simple. Just Don't.

How about this little fact: EIGHT PERCENT of all people keep their resolutions. Whaaaa??!!?

Now, I'm not saying don't make deals with yourself to be and do better in whatever. I'm telling you to create/make little goals ALL YEAR that benefit you and your world around you. The most successful people do succeed by doing these things:

-Make the resolution about someone else or make it meaningful to you

-Start small and find consistency.

-Write it down and place it where you are most.

-Be resolute in your choice and follow though.

-Choose another and repeat steps 1-4.

Listen, if making big deals with yourself and failing is your thang, go ahead. Have fun failing. However, most of us like little victories.

Be good to yourself and better yourself and the world around you baby step at a time.

I do wish you the most wonderful New Year and wish for you life's most wonderful blessings.

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