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New Year. New Diet?

Oh lordy, please no. Not one more time. Diets do not work. Ever. What's a person to do? After all, if your body shape n size is genetics at work, just let it go and that's your plight? Nope!

You just need to be realistic. You need to learn. Knowledge is Power. And you need to do this learning thing FOREVER (hence, aforesaid dieting doesn't work). PLEASE READ THAT LAST PART ALOUD IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS FOREVERRRR....

Why would my tininess even know anything about this? Well, I was always chubby. Yep! I WAS. I'm not now. Why? I didn't have an endpoint. A diet is a short term goal without much education. Kinda like, cramming for a test: less retention. You will need to keep learning your body forfreakinever. To be honest, it takes the urgency out of the equation and allows you to have the mind-space and time to learn.

-Begin by learning to do simple things: ie. increasing water intake and/or eating veggies with every meal.

-Start reading reliable blogs (here's a good place to start:

-Continue your education by reading labels and learning what the proper ratio of protein to carbs. Learn what a carb is and know it's not evil)! Be mindful of what goes in your piehole and how to burn off calories in a sane way (example: spinning twice per day for months is almost the definition of insane).

-Ask/pay for help. If you need personal attention to make this more fun: hire a professional who actually knows wtf they're talking about. Interview that dietition/trainer/teacher/therapist/yogi... That person could help you as much as hinder or hurt you.

Most importantly: GET STARTED NOW.

This is the only body you'll don't get to trade it in for a newer model. Get going! Now.

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