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Wednesday Workout: Pond Style

I woke tired. I hate that. My main man snored down a forest and I woke tired (which implies that I slept). And so today went....made coffee (TGoodness for coffee), made hot breakfast (I do every day), drove Penelope to school, walked doggies with KC while helping him study for science test (anyone know what a gibbus moon is? I do now!) and got him on the bus. My turn to workout and I still wasn't feeling it. Not. At. All. Thank goodness that my friend and giggling partner-in-crime asked if I was doing my Wed pond workout. "Yes I am!" (pretending to be excited for a brief moment). I put a Theraband in my fleece pocket and off we went.

What did we do you ask?

-Ran for 10 minutes up n down some hills towards the pond.

-Found some stairs on a little side street for tricep push ups (20x) and the road was flat enuf for walking lunges (4 minutes). We side stepped each side for 100ft (or so, who really knows?!)

-Ran around the pond once (see pic...SO PRETTY!)

-Picnic Table Step Ups. The benches are HIGH so be careful of your knees!

-Stopped in the Fishing Shack. We alternated upper n lower body:

---blue band: straight arm pulls (20x) (keep shoulders back!) and tricep press (20 of each)

---single legged side lunge alternate left and right (20x). Go as low as your knees permit.

---blue band: reverse fly (20x) and chest fly (30x)

---jump squats (30x)

-Ran around the pond again! LOVE.

-Dips (2x25)

-Jogged home and sprinted it in. (6 min or so) Whew!

We laughed SO much and had a blast! It was ta fast 50 minutes. Nature (check!)

friend (check!)

blue band (check!)

creativity (check!check!)

BAM! DONE! Ate my random concoction of healthy stuff, showered and went to the dentist (still no cavities, I'm happy to report).

That's all folks!

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