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Thursday Tip: Teeth

As we've heard the Tuesday tip of making Tumeric tea can make your teeth TEMPORARILY yellow, other things like coffee (yummm) and wine (also yummmm), can too. What's a person to do? Well, I've been using charcoal toothpaste. Initially, it was super fun to "scare" the kids when I brushed my teeth because my gums and mouth turned black. After the fun wore off, I wondered would it work? Yup. I went to the dentist yesterday, it does. Teeth were a smidge whiter and that plaque scraping was down to a few minutes.

Now, if you really want whiter teeth and less plaque: use baking soda. Yup, plain ol run o the mill: Arm & Hammer.

We (the kids and I) were doing that. I stopped in favor of paying 20.00 for the charcoal toothpaste. As I write this, I see (admit) the true ridiculousness of that one! Ha! Ah well. Back to baking soda.

Keep a Tupperware of it by your sink. Dip your SOFT toothbrush in. Brush. No need to buy toothpaste. Unless you feel like scraping your enamel off and spending more money than you need to!

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