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Friyay: Me Feeling Fiiiinnnnne!

Finally! I feeeeel goooood!

The holidays were nothing short of incredible; so loving, so lovely and SO MUCH DANG FUN! but holy smokes Batman, they were exhausting and I was left feeling a bit blue.

I am finally feeling human. Just now.

There are actually real terms for post holiday recovery: post holiday Blues, Recovery, Depression, Slump etc. Who knew?!? And I'm those definitions. Yes, yes, I went thru all my "be happy" self-talk but that only sorta worked.

As you may or may not know, we just moved. We had SO much family and framily here over the holidays and it was magical...and Karen would have been in the corner sobbing if no one had visited. Why was I bummin? BC they left (me!)! Oh wait, they didn't leave "me" they went home. To their own lives (without me!). You see where my "me" brain went with this?

I decided I also had recalibrate and get back to my own life and listen to "Me". I discovered that I needed sleep, "my" normal life: quiet and "my" food.

I (once again) bailed out early last night and slept NINE hours, I didn't have my nightly vino this week and I resumed eating my normal (strange) foods. For those of you who know me, 9 hours sleep and not drinking wine nightly is unheard of.

I feel soooo like me again! For better, for worse: "me". ;)

I'm slowly learning (at almost 50) that I need to check in with my "me". I must ensure that I take care of "me" first and all will be right in my (and our) little world.

What's your "me" telling you?

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