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Monday Mantra: Fear

I'm reposting my own MondayMantra bc I'm endeavoring on not one, but TWO totally different business ventures all for the sake of sharing what I believe in and love. I'm restarting and living WAY outside my comfort zone. Sharing two different ways to wellness:

1. Retreat July 12-15:

2. Sharing products that will make our lives healthier and a possible earning potential. DM:

I believe in BOTH avenues and want to invite you along.

Am I afraid that y'all won't like it? Yup. Will you possibly get annoyed with me chatting about it? Yup. However, I'm not going to let FEAR get in my way. I believe in what I'm doing and I know that it's going to help YOU!

Besides, we just liquidated our lives, moved 1400 miles without jobs where we knew one person...this is nuthin. #jussayin.

Now! If you want to join me: I'd love it! SO MUCH! If you don't, we'll miss you! But, don't let judgement or fear be the things that stop you from teaching you something(s) new about you and our world.

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