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Workout Wednesday: No Pond...Improvise!

It's 19 degrees. Yup. No can go outside...mostly because I'm wondering if I'll fall on my keester running. I still don't know this Austin weather thang so, I'm attempting so be wise (not usually my forte).

I dragged my recumbent bike inside and rode for 45 minutes. I love sweating. A lot.

Here's the home workout:

45 Min sitting on my bike while texting with my friend DJ learning about wine. #perfection

5 min ab series (see last weeks Facebook post @ Karen Schwalbe-Jones

20 regular sumo squats

10 regular push ups

20 pulse sumo squats

10 more regular push ups

1 minute jump roping -yes, inside! my house, my rules! ;)


20 side leg abductor slides (think skater)

20 back leg/glute slides (think reverse lunge)

1 minute Back support

Back support with 10 leg lifts (alternating AOK)

10 TRICEP push ups

STRETCH #ofcourse

Happy Wednesday!

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