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Thoughtful Thursday...My New Thursday Thang

I've been stumped...every Thursday.

Along came Thursday and I was without purposeful writing...ugh. I mean, I wasn't losing sleep over it or anything but, I'm also not good at dialing it in. Then it came to me! What if every Thursday I wrote about someone or something that I'm grateful for?? #BAM

What's so odd about this is that literally every night, I count my blessings and...wonder who've I've offended. Why? I've not had the most idealistic life so, long ago I made a conscious decision to focus on the positives and apologize to those that I've said/done something upsetting. (#nofilter)

I'm thankful for my loves.

I have such love around me. Daily. For someone who came from parents that may have been a bit less than ideal, that means a whole lot. My loves are family and framily alike. Clients and friends too! I'm just really fortunate. I know I put it out there in the universe but I do often pinch myself knowing that I get it back. In spades. Y'all know who you are. I Love you. Thankful for you.

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